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About Pump Controls

Pump controls are vital for nearly every pump system, from heating systems such as boiler feed and condensate to domestic water and roof tank systems.

They share some similarities but also vary greatly. They range from simplistic activation mechanisms such as floats and magnetic starters to more advanced and high tech systems with PLC (programmable logic controller) and VFD (variable frequency drive) components.

Whatever your individual needs may be Premco Inc. can offer full diagnostic, repair and replacement for nearly any pump control system.

Benefits of Pump Controls

Pump controls are vital to the longevity and performance of your pumps.

Booster controls can adjust the pressure to maintain the correct pressure for your building. If they are not operating correctly they can cause your pumps to function incorrectly or short cycle.

Issues with controls lead to premature failure of the pumps. This should be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

On other systems such as sewage and roof tank, floats are used to activate and deactivate the pumps to either eject sewage or fill a tank.

In addition to pump problems a failure on these control systems can result in overflowing water or in the case of roof tank pumps, a dry tank and no water to your facility.

Pump Control Services

At Premco we have fully trained electricians and engineers ready to address any pump control problems you may face. From diagnostics to repair & replacement, we are your one stop shop for all pump control and electrical pump issues.

Many systems still use circuit boards and relays that can eventually fail. Once that happens you are left with significant down time. Upgrading to a PLC is ideal for any industrial application.

If you are having problems with your control system call us, we are always here to help you.