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Six Common Causes of Electric Motor Failures

Electric motors are an essential part of our daily lives as many systems, applications and services depend on them. Because of their constant usage, electric motors can break down over time and cause problems.

Here are six common causes of electric motor failures:

  1. Over-Current (Electrical Overload): Sometimes electric motors draw more current than their capacity. This happens suddenly and abruptly and can have a big impact on the motor.
  2. Low Insulation Resistance: In the initial stages of motor installation, the insulation resistance may be more than one thousand megaohms. In time, the insulation performance starts to degrade because the resistance gradually starts to decay, causing motors to fail.
  3. Overheating: Excessive heat can cause several performance problems, including causing the motor winding insulation to deteriorate quickly. More than 55% of insulating failures are caused by overheating. Overheating is due to a number of factors such as the motor starting off at a bad current value, starting the motor in much warmer conditions than the design temperature, or the motor being forced to operate in a high temperature environment.
  4. Dirt: Dirt causes major damage to electric motors and can block the cooling fan. It can also affect the insulating value of the winding insulation if it settles on the motor windings.
  5. Moisture: Moisture affects the performance of electric motors. It contributes to the corrosion of the motor shafts, bearings and rotors, leading to an insulation failure. The motor’s inventory should be kept dry at all times.
  6. Vibration: Vibration can lead to the untimely damage of a motor. Improper set-up, misalignment of the motors or corrosion of motor parts can cause vibration. Motors should be placed correctly to avoid vibration.

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