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Types of Electrical Motors

Electric motors

Electrical motors are typically made out of versatile and durable materials to ensure that the engine lasts for as long as possible without breaking down or malfunctioning. There are thousands of electric motors available on the market. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right type of motor, it can be challenging. There are generally three types of electric motors available on the market including three-phase motors, high voltage motors and single-phase motors. Each type of motor is designed for a specific purpose and has its own uses and benefits.

The three-phase motor uses both AC and DC currents to function. The first phase supplies electric poles, and the second and third phases carry the current to the other electrical circuits within the motor. This type of electric motor is ideal for applications common in commercial settings.

Known for their quality, single phase motors have been designed to suit a variety of environments. They have heavy-duty ball bearings, single-phase poles, a start capacitor, a high torque output and swell designed shafts to help enhance the performance of the motor. These motors are very versatile and can be used for multiple applications. They are commonly used in places such as homes, offices and workshops.

High voltage electric motors have a core with different kinds of coils. Once the current in the main coil is transformed, a core with a magnetized space is created and then carried through to the secondary coils.

No matter what kind of motor you are purchasing, it is important to source your products from a reliable supplier to ensure that the product is durable and completely safe to use.

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