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The Benefits of Using a Burn-Off Oven for Electric Motor Repairs

Electric motors

Repairing an electric motor can be a difficult process. The process includes cleaning and removing the dirt, grease, paint, insulation, varnish and epoxy that encases the motor. The copper wire coil must also be clean and exposed. There are several ways to accomplish this. The most common way is scraping, sanding and removing the debris using chemical solvents and strippers. The downside of this process is that it can damage the parts. Another method is using an ultrasonic cleaner. This is less invasive and often does the job well. However, a third and better method is using a burn-off oven.

How Does a Burn-Off Oven Work When Repairing Motors?

A burn-off oven cleans motors and their parts through a process known as pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a process where parts are heated in a controlled manner to burn off insulation, paint and other contaminants but leaves the product undamaged.

The Benefits of a Burn-Off Oven for Electric Motor Repairs

Saves Time:

Preparing electric motor components for repairing by removing the paint, insulation and contaminants by hand is extremely time-consuming. However, a burn-off oven saves time by burning off every contaminant in a fraction of the time it takes to do this by hand.

Increases Electric Motor Life Span:

Because a burn-off oven can control a burn off so precisely, it can heat the components at the perfect temperature leaving the other components undamaged. This prolongs the life of the component.

Safer Than Cleaning Parts by Hand:

Using a burn-off oven is safer as it reduces the risk of having any direct contact with chemicals and abrasives which are used to strip the parts to get them ready for reconditioning.

Saves Money:

It reduces labor costs and saves money. The burn-off oven is a “set it and let it go” process. Accordingly, your employees can work on other service tasks while the burn-off oven works its magic.

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